Create An Ergonomic Home Office With These 5 Tips

A recent study discovered that 43 percent of Americans worked from home just last year. That shift is impacting ergonomics and what we need at home to work efficiently with health and wellness in mind.  You may work at home in your PJ’s but it’s still essential to utilize ergonomic office furniture and computer tools. Here are ways remote workers can create an ergonomic home office:

Learn about MSDs

First things first, get back to basics and learn about MSD (musculoskeletal disorders). Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more you can build a home work environment that lessens the chances of MSD and other work-related injuries.

Get better lighting

Remote workers have a tendency to work out of every nook and cranny in their home. Thing is not all lighting is created equal. Your home office probably has the best lighting, but what about your kitchen counter? To create an ergonomic office you must have the best lighting no matter where you start or end the work day. LUXO has a great variety of LED lamps that will light up any section of your home.

A better computer mouse and keyboard

Remote workers tend to work longer hours and can strain their neck, shoulders and back if using a computer mouse and keyboard that are not ergonomically designed.  The right ergonomic tools can change your work life and improve your overall health and productivity. Some options for your ergonomic home office are the Mousetrapper mouse and the Bakker keyboard.

Stretch and take breaks

It doesn’t matter where you work, stretching and taking breaks during the work day will better your health.  This is especially the case if you work from home as studies have shown that remote workers tend to work longer hours. So get up, move and stretch!

That perfect chair

The better the chair, the better your work life. Perfect to improve posture, Interstuhl is a great choice and can lend to a better home work environment. It may even inspire you to work in your office and get out of those pajamas.