5 Simple Solutions to Treat Chronic Back Pain

woman in bed back pain

After spending 8 plus hours in front of your computer screen, you may feel an aching sensation along your back. Most Americans spend too much time hunched over a keyboard, and that is one of the causes of chronic back pain. Add constant texting to your daily routine and you have another culprit. In fact, a Temple University study discovered that increased texting brings on a painful back, neck and shoulders. Let’s not forget the detriment of sitting all day at work. All in all, typing, texting and sitting for prolonged period of time can really hurt your back.

Thankfully, there is an way to alleviate those aches without surgery. Here are 7 solutions to ease chronic back pain.

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5 Body Parts You Can Stretch at Work to Improve Your Health

Office Exercise

After a long day at the office, it’s challenging to find the time and motivation to exercise. Top that with gym memberships, a long commute and, if you have a family, household duties and child rearing, it’s no wonder most of Americans binge watch television every night. Fortunately, there’s a solution to improve your health with minimal time — stretching at work.

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