You May Have Back Pain Because of How You Sit

Think about your work day and posture. Think about how you position your body throughout the day while at the office. Do you hunch over? Do you lean into your computer screen? Do you shift from the back of your chair to the front? If you’re nodding yes to each of these questions, you may also agree with the following: you have a bad back because of how you sit.

It is common to have a bad back after sitting for hours on end. Your back pain, however, progressively worsens when you don’t know how to sit correctly.  Here are some tips to ease back pain and improve posture when sitting:

Lean back

lean forward improve posture

When sitting lean back into your chair. Push your hips back as far back as possible.  If you feel yourself inching forward or leaning over to view the computer screen, invest in a computer with a bigger screen.

Rethink your chair


Often times bad posture can be resolved with a quick and easy fix – a new chair. Interstuhl is the perfect office chair as it offers flexibility and movement and improves posture.

Adjust your seat height

writing at desk

Your seat’s height may cause you to lean forward and sit uncomfortably, therefore causing poor posture and an aching back. Adjust your seat so it is neither too high nor too low. While sitting in your chair, your feet should be directly planted onto the floor.

Pull up your keyboard

KB3 Pink Penclic Keyboard

Your keyboard should be positioned close to your body as to prevent you from reaching forward. Same goes for your mouse. The Penclic keyboard is a great wireless option as is the Evoluent VerticalMouse, which prevents and alleviates musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

Take matters into your owns hands to lessen back pain. Be mindful when sitting at your workstation and try these innovative ergonomic products to improve your posture and work environment.