MouseTrapper Partners with Prestige International

Mousetrapper, a market leader in design and development of central pointing devices for computer work, has appointed Prestige International as an exclusive distributor of its range of central pointing devices in the United States.

“We are excited about our partnership with Prestige. Marc and his team have established strong and long-standing relationships with the ergonomic community including ergonomic retailers and corporate ergonomists,” said Anders Ehnbom, CEO of Mousetrapper. “With Prestige as a partner we are confident that we will be successful when we now, after a couple of years of absence, re-enter the US market, “Mr Ehnbom continues.

“We are excited to join with Mousetrapper and continue to provide the highest quality products and services to those in the ergonomic community,” Marc Bruh, CEO of Prestige said. “Together with Mousetrapper we look forward to reinforcing how to best task the problem of repetitive strain injuries(RSI) when working in front of a screen.”

About Mousetrapper; The Swedish inventor Rolf Strömberg launched the first Mousetrapper in 1994 to work more efficiently in front of the computer. It became a success and Mousetrapper AB is today a market leading company designing and developing central pointing devices for computer work. We know today, as most ergonomists and physiotherapists, that pain when working in front of the screen can be prevented by using a central mouse alternative. Mousetrapper AB today offers a range of central pointing devices all using Mousetrapper’s unique and patented Controlpad. All our products are designed and manufactured in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Prestige International; Prestige International is the largest ergonomic workstation products and accessories distributor in the United States. Prestige aims to promote healthy living and sustainability with a line of award-winning ergonomic, environmentally friendly input devices and computer workstation products. For more information, please visit: