How to Make Your Workspace Millennial Approved


Whether you’re a brand selling product or a corporation recruiting the next generation of employees, millennial’s are a targeted demographic. And Gen Y is known to be technology savvy, entrepreneurial and extremely transparent about their needs and progressive views. They believe in teamwork and want to feel excited by the work that they do and their workspace.  So, how do you entice millennials to remain interested and productive at work? By providing them with a millennial approved workspace.

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How Good Lighting Can Improve Productivity in the Workplace

best lightning for office LUXO

You’re hunched over your desk and just can’t seem to see the computer screen. So you strain and rub your eyes to see better. Maybe you should just call it a day? Looks up at the clock. It’s only noon. So, how can you alleviate your tired eyes and get back to work? By improving the lighting in your work environment. Turns out that good lighting can improve productivity in the work place.

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