5 Ways to Lessen Pain When Driving

Driving can be stressful – and not just during Rush Hour traffic or terrible weather conditions. When driving on a daily basis, it can strain our bodies, particularly the neck, shoulders and back.  Here are some tips to lessen pain and have a healthier driving experience:

1. Adjust your seat.

Pain while driving often stems from improper seat placement. You should sit comfortably and be able to see the road ahead. If needed for height, add a cushion like Support Tech to the driver’s seat. However, you shouldn’t sit too high. You shouldn’t have to bend your head while driving, as this causes neck pain.

2. Hold the steering wheel lower.

Holding the steering wheel too high puts a strain on shoulders. Your muscles should be relaxed when driving, which is why you should hold the steering wheel at 9 and 3′ o’ clock. Also, when turning, don’t reach across your body to turn the steering wheel. Instead of holding the top of the wheel with your left or right arm, hold it more to the side, keeping wrists straight.

3. Don’t use your car as a storage facility.

It’s easy to throw things in the back seat and use your car as a storage facility or office. If you must store items in your vehicle, do so on the passenger side. Stuffing the back seat behind the driver’s seat with your work bag, laptop or other items may prevent you from adjusting your seat position. Plus, you may feel the urge to dig through your things while driving – and that’s a no-no.

4. Bring the steering wheel closer to your body.

Lower the steering wheel so you don’t have to extend your elbows forward and strain your neck and upper back.

5. Take breaks.

When driving longer distances take a break. You may want to get there as quickly as possible, but stopping at a rest stop or the side of the road to stretch is a much healthier alternative than driving for hours. Take a break every 2 hours until you arrive at your destination.

Take these tips on the road with you and drive with safety in mind. You’ll enjoy driving much more if you do – even during Rush Hour.