How to Prevent New Mommy Thumb with Ergonomics

As a new mom, your innate concern is to give your newborn everything it needs. From feedings to hugs and kisses to soothing your child when he or she cries, mothers give so much of themselves.

Sometimes this leads caretakers to disregard their health and avoid medical problems stemming from mommyhood. One of these conditions is New Mommy Thumb (de Quervain’s Syndrome), which causes inflammation of the tendons located on the thumb side of the wrist. New Mommy Thumb is the result of overusing your hand and picking up your child the wrong way.  Thankfully, their is an ergonomic form to pick up your infant or toddler and prevent New Mommy Thumb, back pain and other mom-adjacent ailments.

Use your palms

Mothers tend to pick up their babies with wide-open thumbs versus the palm – and this is what leads to New Mommy Thumb. When picking up your child place one palm underneath his or her head and the other underneath his or her baby bottom. Lift and commence cuddles.

Bend with your knees

When your infant is a toddler you must be more mindful of how you pick them up off the floor to prevent New Mommy Thumb and back pain. Stand directly in front of your child as to not twist your back.  Do not lean forward when picking him or her up. Instead, bend with your knees and lift as if doing a squat to avoid straining your lower back.

Keep your wrists in neutral position

Do not bend your wrists or flex them when picking up or carrying your baby. A bent wrist will lead to New Mommy Thumb and enough pain to require a splint.

Use both hands

Carry your baby with both hands in order to minimize straining your wrist. This also minimizes back pain.

Switch sides when carrying your baby

Moms are multitaskers and often carry their infants and toddlers on their hips when tackling daily duties. To prevent hip misalignment and a painful back, switch your baby from one hip to the other as often as possible.

Overall, a healthy mommy makes for a healthy baby. Take care of yourself, watch your posture and pick up your baby the ergonomic way.