This is the Best Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk on the Market

There are tons of sit-stand desks on the market, which makes choosing the right one a bit overwhelming. Today, we’re going to help you make that decision; it’s an important one as studies have shown that sitting and even standing for prolonged periods have a negative impact on your health. A desk that gives you an option to stand and sit throughout the workday provides more flexibility and movement. Enter The CASSIOPEIA Desktop Sit-Stand Retrofit: the best, ergonomic sit-stand desk on the market.  And here’s why.


Ergoverse Cassiopeia Desktop Sit Stand Retrofit

If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and/or neck and back pain and are recommended to use ergonomic products, like an ergonomic keyboard or mouse, you need a sit-stand desk that is fully compatible with all ergonomic desk products. The CASSIOPEIA Desktop Sit-Stand Retrofit is the only sit-stand that can be used with a variety of computer mice and keyboards.


Whether you’re on the short end or as tall as a towering tree, the CASSIOPEIA Desktop Sit-Stand Retrofit adjusts to your height. The CASSIOPEIA has incorporated 11 lockable, incremental settings for standing, making it easier to achieve the same height settings each time when transitioning from sitting to standing or vice versa.


Ergoverse Cassiopeia Desktop Sit Stand Retrofit More Room

The CASSIOPEIA was created to be compatible with all ergonomic keyboards and computer mice. Take their keyboard tray as an excellent example. With increased depth and width, you can use a smaller or larger ergonomic keyboard, a standard keyboard and a mouse with a mousepad and still have ample room.  This is yet another feature that makes the CASSIOPEIA special and the best ergonomic sit-stand in the market.


The CASSIOPEIA is 35″ wide on the DSS-36 model and offers a larger worksurface than other sit-stand desks. You can place two average size monitors with stands attached, if you like. There is also enough space to add a  desk light like the LUXO, or a monitor arm. With the The CASSIOPEIA Desktop Sit-Stand Retrofit you’ll not only have more room to work comfortably and with enough light, you’ll also feel your back, neck and wrist pain dissipate. Best in the market? Without a doubt. Buy The CASSIOPEIA Desktop Sit-Stand Retrofit here.

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