5 Ways to Bring Ergonomics Into Your Home

ergonomics home woman in bed

The need for ergonomics is often discussed in professional settings. However, carpal tunnel syndrome, back and neck pain, and other MSDs persist even when at home. We sit just as long at home as we do at work. Plus, some home items are detrimental to maintaining a healthy body and mind, as we get caught up with aesthetics versus comfort and practicality.

Whether redecorating or reorganizing, consider the following ways to bring ergonomics into your home.

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4 Ways an Ergonomic Keyboard Can Improve Your Health

EKBW Evoluent Keyboard

Traditional keyboards are becoming obsolete thanks to ergonomic design.  The switch is needed as more and more employees complain about carpal tunnel and shoulder strain. Between 2014-2015, there were over 55,300 of work-related musculoskeletal disorders reported, according to HSE statistics.

An ergonomic keyboard is an affordable and proven solution to decrease workplace-caused disorders and injuries. Here are other great health benefits to using an ergonomic keyboard:

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This is the Best Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk on the Market

There are tons of sit-stand desks on the market, which makes choosing the right one a bit overwhelming. Today, we’re going to help you make that decision; it’s an important one as studies have shown that sitting and even standing for prolonged periods have a negative impact on your health. A desk that gives you an option to stand and sit throughout the workday provides more flexibility and movement. Enter The CASSIOPEIA Desktop Sit-Stand Retrofit: the best, ergonomic sit-stand desk on the market.  And here’s why.

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