The Sit-Stand SmartMat is the Official “Slidable Anti-Fatigue Mat”

Forget about those other fatigue mats onĀ the market. Effective January 9, 2018, the Sit-Stand SmartMat is now a PATENT-PROTECTED product described as a “Slidable Anti-Fatigue Mat.”

    Sit-Stand SmartMat in tan

This unique, foot-activated accessory adds function and value to Sit-Stand Desks and provides an ergonomic work environment for a healthier you. Other anti-fatigue mats are great for standing but when you sit, the chairs must be rolled on top of the mats. That means you have to bend down to move the mat which results in back aches and pains, defeating the purpose of an ergonomic work environment.

That’s not the case with the now patented Sit-Stand SmartMat. With this amazing and official “Slidable Anti-Fatigue Mat” you can:

  • Activate movement with your foot
  • Easily move it under your desk without bending or lifting
  • Stand on this comfy, breathable and non-stickĀ  mat with socks or bare feet
  • Stand as long as you want – it’s that comfortable!

It truly is the best anti-fatigue mat on the market – officially! Purchase the Sit-Stand SmartMat at ErgoExperts here.