5 Ways to Burn Calories at the Office Without Looking Silly

Many of us begin a new year hoping to burn calories and get into an exercise routine.  Many of us also don’t have the time or energy to exercise before or after work – or we just don’t want to. So, what can you do? You don’t give up, that’s for sure. It’s easy to become complacent and say, “I just can’t add anything else to my packed schedule.” Well, we’re here to show you a few ways to exercise and burn calories at the office — without looking silly.


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Source: Interstuhl

Much like a stability ball, the UPis1 Interstuhl keeps you moving, helping to strengthen your abdominal muscles and body as you work. This multi-functional stool follows your bodies spontaneous movements as you type, chat with colleagues and brainstorm during meetings. It keeps you flexible, strong and mobile, making it a great way to burn calories at work without breaking a sweat.


Source: WomensDay.com

Pick up the pace when going to your coworkers desk or even the bathroom. (But don’t sprint, that will definitely make you look silly!) If you work in a big building, you can even take the stairs instead of the elevator when going out to lunch or coming into the office in the morning. Work from home? You can run in your backyard during your lunch break. Again, no excuses to burn calories at work!


The FoodFidget provides beneficial exercise to improve circulation and burn calories. Just place your FootFidget underneath your desk and get your work out in. Yup. You CAN burn calories while sitting at your desk. That easy!


stretch at work
We’ve already shared the importance of stretching here, but here is a recap: the Mayo Clinic suggests a good 15-minute stretch to improve circulation and posture, increase flexibility, and reduce stress. You can stretch anytime during the day.


squats at the office

You read that right, you can do leg lifts and squats at the office. To avoid that silliness factor (you don’t need coworkers snickering while you successfully hold a squat) do so in the bathroom. Do 10 squats in front of the toilet before you go. Do 10 left lifts per leg  while washing your hands. It’ll guarantee you get your exercise on and have really clean hands! It’s a wellness win-win.