5 Ways to Bring Ergonomics Into Your Home

The need for ergonomics is often discussed in professional settings. However, carpal tunnel syndrome, back and neck pain, and other MSDs persist even when at home. We sit just as long at home as we do at work. Plus, some home items are detrimental to maintaining a healthy body and mind, as we get caught up with aesthetics versus comfort and practicality.

Whether redecorating or reorganizing, consider the following ways to bring ergonomics into your home.

Toilet height

Most toilets are way too low and can cause back pain as we age. A great solution is installing a handicap toilet that is 3 inches taller than a standard one. Don’t worry, there’s no need for a handicap sticker to purchase a higher toilet!

Kitchen stools

Bar stools are terrible for our backs – unless it’s an Interstuhl. Both functional and good looking, Interstuhl comes in five colors and follows the body of whoever sits to provide flexibility and motion when sitting.

Shower head

Did you know that there’s an ergonomic way to shower? It all comes down to the shower head. An ergonomic shower head that is installed on the ceiling is best; the water shoots straight down and users don’t have to adjust the shower head depending on their height. Another tip is to add a shower seat to decrease bending and straining when shaving.

The right bed

Invest in a mattress that’s neither too hard nor too soft. That’s the best way to avoid aches and pain when waking up, especially over time. Also, your mattress shouldn’t be too high off the ground. It’s unsafe when sleeping and causes us to strain when getting onto the bed.

15 degree rule

When in doubt on how to bring ergonomics into your home, check the angle of your head. Whether you are watching TV, on your phone or working in your home office, your head should be looking up at a 15 degree angle. Do the math, adjust your body, and say hello to a healthier you.