Need a More Efficient Work Environment? Try This

You sit at your desk and can’t seem to get going. At the end of the work day, you find yourself playing catch up and wondering, where did the day go?

You’re not alone in this thinking. In fact, a study discovered that many of us waste time at work. Instead of being productive and completing tasks, we peruse Facebook, take personal calls, and do anything but work. So, how do you increase productivity? Here are ways to create a more efficient work environment:

Set a social  media timer

Carve out a time on your calendar just for social media use and set a timer to log off once time is actually up.  This way you get your daily Instagram fix while maintaining efficiency in the work place.

Consider ergonomics at work

You may not be productive at work because you’re just not comfortable. If your wrist is throbbing, back is aching or legs feel sore, consider replacing outdated office supplies with ergonomic tools. Try a Handshoe Mouse, which is proven to prevent CTS and alleviate MSDs. Sit on an Interstuhl instead of a clunky, back breaking chair. Invest in a wireless, ergonomic keyboard like Penclic and bring the keyboard closer to your body in order to reduce back and neck strain. Whatever you decide, go ergonomic.

Improve the lighting

Having adequate lighting increases our energy level. It’s a proven fact!  Plus, eyes feel less tired and strained when a workstation is illuminated. LUXO creates great office LED lamps that last hours on end.

Minimize noise

Minimizing noise is essential if you work from home. Turn off the TV, move away from the hum of the refrigerator and lower the volume on your Pandora station. If you do work with colleagues, ask them (nicely) to turn down the volume. However, if you need noise to be efficient at work, pinpoint what kind of sounds, like white noise or music, keeps you motivated. Then pump up the volume.  And don’t forget to grab your headphones.

Have an idea on how to create a more efficient work environment? Share your thoughts in comments.