How Good Lighting Can Affect the Mood at Work

If you’ve ever felt frustrated, tired or discomforted by the glaring fluorescent lights at the office, you are not alone. A study conducted by the American Society of Interior Designers showed that 68 percent of employees hate the lighting in their workspace. That’s a big number. One that should alarm employers and drive them to create an office setting that has better lighting.

When employees enjoy their work environment, they are much more productive. In order to improve the mood of your employees, office lighting must become a priority. Simply put, lighting in the workplace is an ergonomic issue. Luckily, there is an ergonomic solution with LUXO.

Luxo has award-winning and modern lighting for any office setting and desk. Luxo’s mission is to help users find The Right Light to help enhance well-being, improve performance, reduce headaches, sore eyes and tiredness, and create a positive work environment. Here are a few LUXO lamps to improve the mood at the workplace:

360 Lamp
luxo 360 desk lamp

The dimmable 360 Lamp has LED bulbs that last over 50,000+ hours. It provides directional lighting and covers a large area thanks to the rotating base. Plus, there is an auto shut off feature, making this ergonomic lamp a great accessory for your desk.

Ninety LED Table Desk Task Lamp
Ninety LED Table Desk Task

Ninety provides a bright and warm work experience. The four energy-efficient yet high powered LEDs brighten up a large task area.  It is dimmable and designed to last for 25 years. Rest assured that Ninety is a cost effective, ergonomic office lamp.

Ovelo LED Task Lamp
ovelo LUXO lamp

The Ovelo comes with a handy timer that turns off the lamp to conserve energy. Its spring-balanced arm allows for a flexible arm and lamp head that can be pivoted in many directions.

Luxo L-1 LED Task Light
Luxo L-1 LED Task Light

The Luxo L-1 LED Task Light is just as great as the rest in the LUXO series and it is a perfect choice for those who want a personal lamp in their home office that’s as environmental as it is stylish.

Overall, great lighting is essential to your well being. Substitute the terrible lighting at the office and boost the spirit and efficiency of those working under one roof.