How to Make Your Workspace Millennial Approved

Whether you’re a brand selling product or a corporation recruiting the next generation of employees, millennial’s are a targeted demographic. And Gen Y is known to be technology savvy, entrepreneurial and extremely transparent about their needs and progressive views. They believe in teamwork and want to feel excited by the work that they do and their workspace.  So, how do you entice millennials to remain interested and productive at work? By providing them with a millennial approved workspace.

Go environmental

geo planters decorating your workspace benefits

Millennials want to help the world become a better place, which is why an environmentally conscious workspace is a smart way to keep them motivated and satisfied. Recycle. Partner with environmental initiatives. Go green by simply replacing cleaning supplies in the office with natural products. Eliminate printing and go digital. These small changes in the workspace will be noted and appreciated by the millennial employee.

Go ergonomic

penclic flatlay

An ergonomic workspace screams, “we want to better your work life and help prevent work-related disorders!” And that is what millennial’s want – to work  for a business that puts their money where their mouth is and demonstrates they care for the well being of employees.

Add chic and effective ergonomic products to your workspace, like the colorful Intersthul and easy to use Handshoe Mouse, which also prevents MSDs.  Go the extra mile with a wireless keyboard like Penclic (see image above) that is as attractive as it is effective at providing a comfortable, strain-free workstation.

Go with coffee


When it doubt have coffee readily available. A study discovered that millennial’s love coffee. Invest in a coffee maker that is fast (millennial’s are said to be impatient) and modern. This is an easy way to keep your millennial employees happy and productive at work.