3 Household Tasks That Need an Ergonomic Makeover

An ergonomic office is essential for better health and wellness and to prevent work place injuries, such as CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome). But what about ergonomics outside of work? Did you ever consider that many of your daily tasks and enjoyable hobbies need an ergonomic makeover?

We have. Here’s some advice on how to improve your health when gardening, mopping and texting.


gardening tools
Gardening has become increasingly popular. It’s also a hobby that requires physically demanding work. Gardeners can suffer from back and neck pain due to bending over when planting, weeding and tilling.

How can gardening be less straining on your body? You can warm up by stretching, lift with your legs and invest in new tools that feature cushioned grips and prevent wrist fatigue.


Most of us avoid cleaning at all costs. However, unless you have a housekeeper, your home dwelling won’t clean itself! So let’s give mopping an ergonomic makeover. First, make sure the mop handle is below your chin. When you begin mopping, twist the handle and move in a side to side motion, as if painting a figure eight on the floor. Don’t bend over or overexert your back to reach a bigger area. Instead, move your body while you mop. All these tips should ease your back pain while mopping.


man texting

Constant texting can lead to text neck, and since there’s no stopping smartphone use, we must do the following to remain healthy: take a break from texting, use voice dictation to send text messages, and stretch your neck. We have more tips how to avoid text neck here.

Take these ergonomic tips and apply them to these daily tasks. In the end, you’ll be healthier at the office and at home.