5 Simple Solutions to Treat Chronic Back Pain

After spending 8 plus hours in front of your computer screen, you may feel an aching sensation along your back. Most Americans spend too much time hunched over a keyboard, and that is one of the causes of chronic back pain. Add constant texting to your daily routine and you have another culprit. In fact, a Temple University study discovered that increased texting brings on a painful back, neck and shoulders. Let’s not forget the detriment of sitting all day at work. All in all, typing, texting and sitting for prolonged period of time can really hurt your back.

Thankfully, there is an way to alleviate those aches without surgery. Here are 7 solutions to ease chronic back pain.

Solution 1: Work on a Sit Stand Desk

Ergoverse Cassiopeia Desktop Sit Stand Retrofit More Room

A Sit Stand desk like the CASSIOPEIA is a perfect solution for those who suffer from chronic back pain and work 40 plus hours a week at a desk. When working on the CASSIOPEIA you can give your back a much-needed break by standing whenever you feel stiffness. Sit Stand desks also provide more room to work, therefore, you can bring your work, computer mouse and keyboard closer to your body for less reaching and straining.

Solution 2: Take Breaks at Work

Source: WomensDay.com

Sometimes the best solution for chronic back pain is to take a break. Whether you take 5 minutes or 15, stop what you are doing, stretch or take a walk to the water cooler. Taking breaks at work ensures that you are moving throughout the day, which in turn alleviates a stiff and painful back.

Solution 3: Stretch Your Back

stretch at work

Stretching improves your health with minimal time and effort. You can stretch your back, neck and shoulders right at your desk. There are really no excuses to improve your health at work and outside of the office. Start stretching today to ease chronic back pain.

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Solution 4: Invest in an Ergonomic Keyboard

EKBW Evoluent Keyboard

Say goodbye to traditional keyboards for the sake of your health! Now more than ever Americans suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and back and shoulder strain. An ergonomic keyboard is an affordable and proven solution to minimize chronic back pain and prevent damage to muscles.

Solution 5: Be More Active

squats at the office

A recent study showed that those who remain active recover more swiftly from back pain and trauma. Try going swimming or going for a walk to improve stiffness. Yoga is also beneficial to those with back pain as it stretches and elongates the body.

Whatever avenue you take to change your life and improve your health, know that at the end of the tunnel is a healthier back with less aches and pain. Now, doesn’t that sound nice?