This Ergonomic Footrest Can Improve Your Health

Health and wellness are at the forefront of ergonomics and ergonomic design. Ergonomic experts and product developers create items that help ease back pain, improve posture and alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome sans surgery. There is one particular product on the market that improves your overall health – an ergonomic footrest from Score Pro 959.

Helps circulation

foot circulation

The Score Pro 959 improves circulation by simply allowing your foot to move. Interchange your feet when one needs extra movement. Press on the footrest to get your blood flowing. You can even take the Score Pro 959 on a plane during long flights.

Improves posture

improve posture

We often slouch when at our desks, which results in poor posture and back pain. With an ergonomic footrest you can have a healthier sitting position. Just place one foot atop the footboard and feel your back align and adjust. Say buy-bye to an achy and curved back.

Ease leg pain

leg pain

Where you have bad circulation you have leg pain. Pressing down on the Score Pro 959 can help your leg pain throughout the workday, and improve your health all around.