How Decorating Your Workspace Benefits You and Your Business

Thanks to Instagram, entrepreneurs and employees alike want to beautify their office space. Just search the hashtag #officedecor and be blown away. Why the new trend? It’s not just about flaunting your creative eye on social media or getting likes from followers. (Ok…maybe just a little.) In actuality, decorating your workspace benefits you and your business. Here are some of those benefits – beside becoming #Instafamous.

Get More Energy

stretch at work

A study in The Journal of Environmental Psychology discovered that decorating your workspace benefits employees by increasing work productivity and overall energy.

Add some photos of loved ones or your favorite inspiring quotes to spruce up your cubicle or home office. These items will counteract the negativity at work and the feelings of exhaustion we often feel when working that 9 to 5.

Get More Productive

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The happier we are, the more productive we are. That’s a fact. Personalizing your workspace can bring you much needed joy. And maybe even a raise for working so diligently and productively.

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Get More Creative

geo planters decorating your workspace benefits

All work demands innovation and creativity. Now more than ever employers seek employees who can think outside the box. What better way to do so than to flex your creative muscles when decorating your workspace. It can be as as simple as adding a colorful keyboard, like the KB Keyboard in Gold.

Get More Social

interstuhl decorating workspace benefits

At work, you work. You’re also at work to build a rapport with your colleagues. They don’t have to come over to your house on weekends; however, studies show that engaging in small talk increases cognitive abilities, which then improves focus, planning and prioritization, and organization – all essential skills to have in the workplace. How does decorating your workspace help with small talk? A coworker may just ask about that photo of your Fido or that cool graphic framed on your desk. They may even go so far as liking your posts on Instagram.


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