5 Unique Ergonomic Products That Improve Every Day Life

The ergonomic industry is expanding. Developers are now creating ergonomic products for outside the office to improve every day life. From a visually appealing, ergonomic door handle to an ergonomic coffee mug, here are 5 of the most innovative, unique ergonomic products on the market.

Interstuhl: Ergonomic Fun Chair

A cool and colorful stool, Interstuhl is perfect for a family room or a home bar. Height adjustable, kids can sit on it while watching TV while keeping their posture in mind. Add it to your home office to reduce back pain and improve focus. Intersthul is the most versatile, ergonomic chair on the market for all.

Ergonomic Door Handle

Ergonomic door handle
Connor Musoke-Jones is a 21-year-old product design student who wanted to make a difference after living with someone who is one-handed. He created the Unity Door Handle to support those with disabilities and health issues, including arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. The door handle allows people to hold it at different angle, and is a more affordable alternative than a specialty door. Musoke-Jones also intended for his design to be visually appealing in order to eliminate the stigma around aids for the disabled. The Unity Door Handle’s purpose is to help those who need it without making them feel different.

Jamber: An Ergonomic Coffee Mug

jamber cup ergonoic coffee mug

Allen and Diana Arsenea decided to give us Jamber Mug – an ergonomic coffee mug that is said to be “life changing” for those who suffer from arthritis, like Allen’s grandfather. Apparently, every day coffee cups are challenging to hold for those with weak hands and under-developed fine motor skills. So, what’s the big difference? While a regular coffee mug’s handle is small and is help with a thumb and two fingers, Jamber’s handle is larger and sticks out, allowing coffee lovers to fully grip the mug with their entire hand for a fisted grip.

MalenCutie: Ergonomic Diaper Bag

MalenCutie Ergonomic Diaper Bag

Mommas and poppas, MalenCutie has a new diaper bag to ease your back pain when carrying your little one’s diapers and change of clothing. The diaper bag features ergonomic padded straps, insulated material to keep food at the right temperature and dry things dry and a hard case baby wipe container.

Joan Oloff Shoes: Ergonomic Heels

joan oloff ergonomic heels

Podiatrist Joan Oloff is the founder of Joan Oloff Shoes. She carries pretty high heels for women who love shoes but are tired of the pain of beauty. Her shoes “provide shock absorption, create support, and offload pressure points under the ball of the foot in ways only previously seen with custom orthotics.” Oloff wants women to “make smart choices with the shoes that you wear” and to take care of their bodies from head to toe – literally.