4 Ways an Ergonomic Keyboard Can Improve Your Health

Traditional keyboards are becoming obsolete thanks to ergonomic design.  The switch is needed as more and more employees complain about carpal tunnel and shoulder strain. Between 2014-2015, there were over 55,300 of work-related musculoskeletal disorders reported, according to HSE statistics.

An ergonomic keyboard is an affordable and proven solution to decrease workplace-caused disorders and injuries. Here are other great health benefits to using an ergonomic keyboard:


KB3 Pink Penclic KeyboardIf your wrists throb due to prolonged usage of the same muscles and other musculoskeletal and nervous systems issues, ergonomic keyboards can prevent further damage that can lead to surgery. Designed to prevent awkward positions, ergonomic keyboards like Penclic, are said to alleviate CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) and other computer-related ailments.


Bakker Elkhuizen keyboard
An ergonomic keyboard positions your hands and wrists in their natural position, which means less straining and reaching for the mouse and keypad. Try this Bakker Elkhuizen keyboard on for size.


EKBW Evoluent Keyboard

The numeric pad of an ergonomic keyboard is where it should be – within reach! Find more Evoluent keyboards and ergonomic products here.



Ergonomic keyboards are often compact, providing more space at your workstation to position your body comfortably. You can also bring work closer to you to eliminate back and neck pain without compromising functionality.  Another great addition is the Microdesk to free up desk space.

Interested in learning more? View all of our ergonomic products, designed to alleviate pain and strain, and provide you with a healthier lifestyle no matter what you do or where you work.


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